Drawbeam system adapted to DAF.


Drawbeam system adapted to Iveco.


Drawbeam system adapted to MAN.


Drawbeam system adapted to Mercedes.


Drawbeam system adapted to Scania.


Drawbeam system adapted to Volvo/RVI.

DB 35V

Drawbeam DB 35V is adapted for trailers in international traffic and for small and lighter centre-axle trailers.

DB 75V-2

The design of the drawbeam used together with end plates EDH allows this to be mounted on tipper chassis vehicles frames.

DB 260D

DB 260 is a drawbeam intended for heavy duty operations. The drawbeam has 10 holes for mounting of the coupling, and is fitted centrally in the vehicle frame.

DB 260T

DB 260T is a drawbeam intended for towing and is mounted at the front. The drawbeam has 10 holes for mounting the coupling, and a hole pattern of 160x100 mm for towing accessories.

TB 30D

TB 30D is a drawbeam intended for a ball coupling. The drawbeam can be installed centrally in the vehicle frame or completely underslung together with endplate kit EDH-2.

CMS Trailer

VBG’s drawbar system CMS Trailer is intended for mounting on trailers.         

Endplate kits

VBG has a range of different endplate kits for alternative installations to drawbeams.

Installation beam

VBG Installation beams are adapted for most power plugs available on the market as well as air and hydraulic connections.

Brackets Power and Air

VBG’s system of brackets is adapted to most of the power plugs and air connections on the market.